I lived for a whole summer
on the slope
in a farmhouse - oh horror
The farmer was a giant
he stood in his meadow
and slowly mowed the light

Fridolin Frenzel



Illuminated Meadow
Installation by Hanna Frenzel

The realization of this idea is being performed on a surface which presents
an illuminated meadow to the observer.
The exhibit consists of a large quantity of similar objects, each being built of a specially treated
tuft of light-conducting fibers. The fiber tufts each are illuminated by their own luminous sources.

The individual objects' arrangement - at the moment up to 500 individual entities can be installed -
is unrestricted and can be adapted to the respective spatio-situational facilities and requirements.
The installation can either be set up indoors or outdoor
A hundred elements should take up a footprint of about 20 square meters.

If not exposed directly to sunlight, the installation shines already under daylight conditions.

Power supply can be provided via network as well as network-independently via rechargeable batteries.
In the latter case power supply can be provided via a photovoltaics system (solar cells).
For the event's organizers there is no need to provide a bus bar with unusual delivery rate.

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